Rat in the Hay

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Thought this was a cute pic

New Drawing By Drusilla Kehl.

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Here is one of Drusilla's newest masterpieces. It's a drawing of a rattie named Ellie. I think it's wonderfull.... as usual. Drusilla Kehl is a wonderful artist and the best rat artist in the world.

WWR Rat of the Week- Anjyl

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Anjyl's Mom writes:

"Anjyl is a beige hooded rat with dark ruby eyes. She is almost 2 years old. she lives with her human Dianna in Austin, TX where she loves to sleep in her crocheted rat-tube and play with her Chihuahua Paulie - who is almost the same color as she is. Paulie loves anjyl too."

I must say Anjyl is very pretty. The reason i like Diana's Anjyl so much is
because she looks so much like my dearest Nubby. She could be Nubby's twin.

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