Golden Rat

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This is beautiful. I'm not sure what it is because you can't see the whole thing in the photo and there was no info with the photo other than it's a rat. Isn't it pretty!

Some Awesome Rat Photos.

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These weren't to easy to find. Aren't these gorgeous rat photo's!!

I really need to start taking some more
professional photo's of my rats like i used to.

The last picture is awesome bu the poor
ratty looks so scared. I hope he was ok afterwards.

Future Rat Lover- The Rat Princess

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I just happen to come across this while using StumbleUpon. I'd say we have a future rat lover here.

The photo didn't have much information with it except that the baby is named Isabella (Great name) and that the rat is named "Little Guy" and that he is a Beige Dumbo Rex Self.

Although his name is little Guy... well he sure doesn't look little lol.
Oh the title of the photo is "The Rat Princess" I'd say that fits nicely. GREAT PHOTO!!! Priceless

So what do you think so far?

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So all you rat lovers out there... how do you think of WWR is shaping up? Do like everything so far? The 'Ratatouille' template is only temporary, it will be changed in a few days, maybe next week. I prefer a nice clean cut temlate and the Ratatouille isn't exactly how i like templates... but, that being said it is a great template. It was a perfect template for WWR's debut.

As for the future of this blog. WOW... you guys are just gonna love it. I have so many plans for this blog. There will be all kinds of fun things. And this blog is going to be very interactive with all of it's readers. This blog is for all you rat lovers out there, not for me. While i do enjoy doing it, it's all about you guys and what makes you happy. And it's about rats and getting some great rat PR out there. I hope to reach many many people out in rat-loving cyber space.

I plan on holding photo contests and many other things. And please... if you have any idea's for this blog PLEASE LET ME KNOW. You can leave a comment or e mail me at If you don't like something please let me know as well.

Well, i just wanted to ask what you think of the blog as it is now? Please let me know what you like about it and what you don't. This blog will be in much better shape in the future, right now it's in the development and beginning fazes. A lot of work needs to be done to make this the best and hottest rat blog out there!!!

I really appreciate you guys visiting this blog. PLEASE KNOW THAT. I appreciate all of you and remember... this blog is for you, for you... the rat lover.

Take care


PS... if you are new to this blog and don't belong to any of the yahoo rat groups that i belong to and your an animal lover, please check out my other blog, it's sorda a sister-group to this group. The link is-

Rat Facts of the Day.

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Rat facts 6-11

6. A Rat can go longer without water than a Camel

7. Ganesha, the Hindu god of Prosperity, New Beginnings and Luck rides around the Rat

8. Rats have glands on the bottom of their feet, so they leave a wet sent trail where ever they walk

9. The ancient Mayans and egyptians worshiped rats

10. The Black rat eats about 15 Grams a day.. however, our spoiled pet rats probably eat a bit
more than that.

11. Our adorable pet rats mature faster than the Black Rat (Rattus Rattus). Black rats mature at
about 12 - 16 weeks while our domestic critters mature at about 4-6 weeks.

*Do you have any unusual or interesting rat facts? If so, e mail me at Rsungodess2003.
I am hoping to have the most rat facts here at WWR than anywhere on the net.

Year of the Rat Art.

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I thought this was a nice piece of rat art. It is by LD Gonzalez. If you like this, you can purchase it here:

Fat Rat Art Car

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I came across this today. There was really no info with the picture other than it was created by Robert Blue and Sam Jones and that the photo's were taken in 2005 at the 2005 Art Car Weekend in Houston, Texas.

Species of the day- Bush Rat

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The Bush Rat

(Rattus fuscipes) is a small Australian nocturnal animal. It is an omnivore. It is one of the most common species of rats and is found in many heathland areas of Victoria and NSW. Adult Bush Rats are smaller than the Australian Swamp Rat, (Rattus lutreolus), and in addition, the Bush Rat's foot pads are a pink colour, whereas the Swamp Rat's foot pads are dark brown. [1]

The Bush Rat is one of the new endemics, having naturalised in Australia in the second wave of rat migration. [2]

Studies have been conducted by Holmsglen students in areas of Anglesea to calculate the impact fox baiting has on the population of the bush rat.

Rat word of the day- Crammock

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Crammock - The term given to a hammock straining to support more rats than it is structurally capable of handling.


I will be getting rat words from various places on the net and my own imagination, some words will be true scientific definitions while others will be humorous. I got 'Crammock' from The Dapper Rat. I found 'Crammock' to be hilarious because my girls pack into their hammocks to the point where it looks as if the hammock is going to break, yet it rarely does. usually a hammock holds 2 or 3 rats comfortably but my girls pile themselves high in a hammock. I always feel sorry for the poor rat underneath everyone but they always seem very content down here lol.

*Taken from the dapper rat-

Photo not mine