Rat word of the day- Crammock

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Crammock - The term given to a hammock straining to support more rats than it is structurally capable of handling.


I will be getting rat words from various places on the net and my own imagination, some words will be true scientific definitions while others will be humorous. I got 'Crammock' from The Dapper Rat. I found 'Crammock' to be hilarious because my girls pack into their hammocks to the point where it looks as if the hammock is going to break, yet it rarely does. usually a hammock holds 2 or 3 rats comfortably but my girls pile themselves high in a hammock. I always feel sorry for the poor rat underneath everyone but they always seem very content down here lol.

*Taken from the dapper rat- http://www.dapper.com.au/dictionary.htm

Photo not mine