So what do you think so far?

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So all you rat lovers out there... how do you think of WWR is shaping up? Do like everything so far? The 'Ratatouille' template is only temporary, it will be changed in a few days, maybe next week. I prefer a nice clean cut temlate and the Ratatouille isn't exactly how i like templates... but, that being said it is a great template. It was a perfect template for WWR's debut.

As for the future of this blog. WOW... you guys are just gonna love it. I have so many plans for this blog. There will be all kinds of fun things. And this blog is going to be very interactive with all of it's readers. This blog is for all you rat lovers out there, not for me. While i do enjoy doing it, it's all about you guys and what makes you happy. And it's about rats and getting some great rat PR out there. I hope to reach many many people out in rat-loving cyber space.

I plan on holding photo contests and many other things. And please... if you have any idea's for this blog PLEASE LET ME KNOW. You can leave a comment or e mail me at If you don't like something please let me know as well.

Well, i just wanted to ask what you think of the blog as it is now? Please let me know what you like about it and what you don't. This blog will be in much better shape in the future, right now it's in the development and beginning fazes. A lot of work needs to be done to make this the best and hottest rat blog out there!!!

I really appreciate you guys visiting this blog. PLEASE KNOW THAT. I appreciate all of you and remember... this blog is for you, for you... the rat lover.

Take care


PS... if you are new to this blog and don't belong to any of the yahoo rat groups that i belong to and your an animal lover, please check out my other blog, it's sorda a sister-group to this group. The link is-