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I found this gorgeous template and thought it would be perfect for this blog. Well... it looks wonderful but something doesn't quite work within the posts. There is to much space in between paragraphs. And i did try to shorten the space between paragraphs but it didn't help and i got as close between each paragraph as i could.

Everything is just way to spaced out. So, I don't know if I'll keep this template. It's to bad because it's very pretty.

We'll see how the next few posts go and than I'll decide.


4 Rats at West Los Angeles Shelter need a home

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I am thinking of getting myself an early b-day present-- a Guinea Pig (Still thinking about it, haven't decided yet), so I wanted to check my local shelter to see if there were any GP's for adoption, they didn't have any GP's but they do have 4 rats (actually more than 4) who really need homes, along with TONS of rabbits and hamsters. But, this post is about the rats.

There are actually more than 4 rats but it appears they give one ID to a group of rats with the same coloring and who look the same. Like say they have 4 PEWS, all 4 PEWS get one ID and say they have 2 Black Hoodeds, Both Hoodies get the same ID. You can tell from the pictures there are more than 4 rats.

1) Unaltered Male, White rat-domestic
Age Unknown
Has been at shelter since May 27th, 2008
Pet ID Number A0950993

(Looks like the rat in the background may be a rex)

2) No information on the sex of rat- White domestic rat
(looks like a Himmie to me)

Age unknown
Has been at the shelter since May 27th, 2008
Pet ID # A0950995

3) Unaltered male, White rat-domestic. This one also looks more like a Himmie.
Age unknown
Has been at shelter since May 27th, 2008
Pet ID # A0950996

4) Unaltered male, white and black (Black Hooded)
Age Unknown
Has been at shelter since May 27th, 2008
Pet ID # A0953216

These rats are at the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter

The Zip Codes that this shelter covers are:

90024 90045 90064 90077 90245 90292*
90025 90046 90066* 90210* 90272 90293
90034 90048 90067 90230 90290 90404*

11361 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90064
888-4LAPET1 or 888-452-7381, FAX 310-207-4965

Monday - Closed (Emergencies Only)
Tuesday (8AM - 7PM)
Wednesday (8AM - 5PM)
Thursday (8AM - 7PM)
Friday (8AM - 5PM)
Saturday (8AM - 5PM)
Sunday (11AM - 5PM)

Please don't contact me regarding the shelter or the rats for adoption. I only have the info that is on this page and what is on the web site and no further information than that. If you have any questions please contact the West Los Angeles Shelter.