New Drawing i did.

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This is a new drawing i did. I did it all in photoshop. I drew it all using a computer mouse. I didn't use any photoshop tricks such as filters or anything, this is all bran to hand, mouse to computer. I don't have one of those graphic drawing pads. If i had, had one of those drawing pads this drawing would have taken a lot less time and with a lot less frustration lol. But anyway... Ok, so in my opinion i can draw a tad bit better than this but i was going for a specific style. A style i saw on line from an artist. And this wasn't an attempt at real life drawing, this was a cartoon-style drawing. This artist had beautiful drawings of animals, wonderful drawings. But, he also had some drawings that were a sloppy style of drawing. It's hard to explain. His sloppy drawings although sloppy were just as wonderful as his real life drawings.. I don't know if there is a name for this style but i wanted to try it. So the drawing you see here is my attempt at that. And I'll tell ya... it isn't easy trying to draw sloppy lol. I know that sounds crazy but it's true. I can only draw a little bit better than what you see here so maybe i didn't really do that sloppy-style, maybe this is closer to how i really draw lol. Anyway... so this is my newest drawing. I kinda like drawing in photoshop more than i do with pencil and paper. With photoshop, i love how one can change the opacity of the color your using rather than selecting a darker or lighter version of the same color. I'm not sure that makes sense though. Well let me know what you think.