Wildie goes Domestic.

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This is a picture of my good friend Drusilla's wild rattie. I just wanted to share this pic with everyone so some of you could see what a wildie looks like. Drusilla Received the wildie from someone else. The rattie's name is Angel and she was found on the sidewalk and rescued than given to Drusilla who hand raised her. She used a eye dropper to feed the little darling and as you can see the baby grew up to be a magnificent and glorious rat.

Wild rats look a tad different than domestic rats. Dru, did i get this info and story right? If you can leave a brief comment on how wildies look different than Domestics -- in your opinion... that would be great. Also if i got the story wrong please add that into the comment and i will amend this post.

Oh wait... this is Angel right? LOL

Little Baby Agouti

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Nice little photo. This baby looks like my Christopher, Fletcher, Daphne and Delilah when they were babies. Sadly, Chrstopher and Daphne are long gone :(

This Is One Outrageously Beautiful Rat

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What a beauty huh?!

Uh ohhhh

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This is one cute PEW

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