Temporary Templates

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I'm in the process of finding a new template for Wonderful World of Rats. Remember, i was only using the Ratatouille template for WWR's debut. Yea, it was a cute template but it had a few bugs and it didn't fit the screen properly, at last not for me.

So now i am in the process of finding a new template for WWR. But, i am a tad frustrated because every time i find a template on line that i really like it doesn't work for some reason. I get errors when i try to upload it and I've tried it both ways- Uploading and cut and paste. I do know how to put templates into Blogspot but some of them just don't want to work or something is missing or wrong with the html/xml code and i don't know enough about html or xml to go inside the codes and fix it.

But, eventually i will find the right template for this blog. Over the next few days you may see the template change. Although blogspot offers previews of templates with your content before you pick it i still like to see how it will actually look... so as i said, you may see this page change a lot over the next few days.

I'm really looking for a clean and simple medium blue, light blue template for this blog... so that is what i am searching for. I did fine a few beautiful templates but they were for Wordpressarghhhh and i did try it anyway... but it didn't work.

Let me know if the black text is to hard to read on this template i have on today.

Sorry for any inconvenience.... oh and yes... the blog will still be active and i will be posting threw all this construction so continue to check back often.

Thank you