Great Rattie Book.

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Just found this while Stumbling thought I'd share i here. Might order one myself sometime.

Curiosity Rattery's Guide to Rats
by Vickie Boutwell
Genre: Pet Care
Paperback: 112 pages

Curiosity Rattery's Guide to Rats

Description: This book is a hard copy of my sites. It contains care info, genetics, fun facts, and more.


The rat information from my sites compiled into a handy paperback. All this is on my sites, but this is a version you can use as an offline reference. (I have always wanted to write a book, and now I have!)---Table of Contents: Why Rats?--Rats in Brief--The History of Pet Rats--Are Rats for You?--Choosing Your Rats--The New Rat--Rat Care--Is It True?--Health--Rat Psychology--The Lone Rat--Note to Children--Odor Control--Breeding--Genetics--Rat Types--Glossary--Other Resources Product Details:

· Paperback: 112 pages
· Binding: Perfect
· Publisher: Vickie Boutwell (February 2004)
· Product Number: 9768932

by Vickie Boutwell

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