Sorry for pop ups- Trying to fix

11:10 AM Posted In Edit This
I apologize for the pop ups that show up when you view this page. They are coming from one of the Widgets i installed on my page. I am trying to figure out which Widget it was. I think it was the Mini-Blogs i put on my page so i took that one off to see if it helps.

I have a pop up blocker on my Fierfox browser so i can't see the pop ups when i view my blogs when not in edit mode. But someone told me one of the pop ups as VERY ADULT, i am soooooooo sorry about that. Please know i didn't put that add on myself, it came with one of the Widgets on the side bar.

I am trying to fix all this so bare with me please. Don't it discourage you from viewing my blog.

Thank you