Rat Species of the Day - Capybara

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(Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris,[2][3] also known as capibara, chigüiro and carpincho in Spanish,[4][5][6] and capivara in Portuguese[5]) is the largest living rodent in the world.[7] It is related to agouti, chinchillas, coyphillas, and guinea pigs.[1] Its common name, derived from Kapiÿva in the Guarani language,[5][8] while its scientific name, hydrochaeris, is Greek[1] means "master of the grasses" for "water hog".

Capybaras have heavy, barrel-shaped bodies and short heads with reddish-brown fur on the upper part of their body that turns yellowish-brown underneath. Adult capybaras may grow to 130 centimetres (4.3 ft), and weigh up to 65 kg (140 lb).[9][10][11][12] Capybaras have slightly webbed feet, no tail,[13] and 20 teeth.[14] Their back legs are slightly longer than their front legs and their muzzles are blunt with eyes, nostrils, and ears on top of their head.[13] Females are slightly heavier than males.[1]

Though now extinct, there once existed larger capybaras that were eight times the size of modern capybaras (these rodents would have been larger than a grizzly bear).[13][14] There is also a "lesser capybara", Hydrochoerus isthmius.[3]

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