Rat in Translation.

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I thought this would be a fun little thing to blog; the word 'Rat' in various languages. I hunted down one of those easy-to-use word translators on line. It worked pretty well but for some languages, such as Chines and Japanese, i got '???' for one and the other '??' LOL.

This translator i used only offered a few languages and those are the languages i am putting below. Hey... if you know of any other somewhat easy-to-use translators that offer more languages leave me a comment with a link. That would be awesome.

I think the symbol one's are pretty cool. See, i told you 'Wonderful World of Rat's was not going to be a typical website or blog about rats. I try very hard to make this blog very unique. And the more i blog the more unique things and idea's i come up with.

Well, i hope you find this interesting as i did, if not... well you passed a few minutes of time lol.

Oh also, if you find any of these wrong or are different than what you know or speak, let me know and I will amend the list and/or offer your version of 'Rat.' What i put below is simply what the translator gave me.


German - Ratte
Italian- Ratto
French- Rat
Portuguese- Rato
Dutch- Rat
Greek- Αρουραίος
Sweedish- Tjalla
Russian- Крыса