"Why i Love Rats" Essay Challenge.

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Ok all you rat lovers... Now is the time to let everyone know why you love rats.

What is the "Why I Love Rats' Essay Challenge? Well, it's pretty much what is says. It's an Essay and a Challenge. What i want you all to do is right a small essay on why you love rats. It can be a 2-4 medium size paragraphs.

Simply write why you love rats... write it as beautifully and passionately as you can. Tell us all why you love rats.... from the smallest little thing to the largest thing you love about rats.

I don't want it to be: "I love rats because they are cute" Well yea, rats sure are cute but that's not what i want, what i want is deep in your soul, write the essay as if you are digging deep into yourself to tell the world how wonderful rats are. Write it as if you were trying to convince the world how amazing rats are and write it as if you were trying to convert all the non-rat lovers out there.

Ok.. after you write the essay, what next? E mail it to me: Rsungodess20032aol.com

I will read all the essays that are submitted to me and I'll post them here on 'Wonderful World of Rats' and than everyone will vote on which essay's they liked the best. The 3 best essays will get a small sample bag of my homemade 'Spoiled rat treat mix' --this is not a staple food (everyday food) it is a treat mix for occasional snackage lol. And the one voted the absolute best will have their entire essay put on the bottom of this blog permanently along with a picture of one of your rats. I may add more things to the winners stuff through out the month.. but it won't be much. This is primarily for fun.

So ok, you have a month to write your essay. Please submit it by May 12th. I will read them over a coarse of a few days and than begin the winner process.

Ok... so start thinking, start jotting things down... and remeber BE ORIGINAL, BE CREATIVE !!!


PS... please leave me a comment to let me know if you are going to take part in this. Just so i can get a feel for how many people will be writing essays. - Thank you